Socialist Modernism Book- Socialist Modernism in Poland



”Socialist Modernism in Poland”, the sixth photo album/digital architectural guide of @_BA_CU ’s planned series, will be available in 800 copies starting the 1st of May. The photo album includes landmarks of socialist modernist architecture in Poland – erected from 1955 to 1989. B.A.C.U. Association explains socialist modernist tendencies, it presents – in color photographs – a functional image of the buildings and their often original elements that synthesize local culture and traditions, while bringing you up to date with their current state of conservation. The 80 landmarks included in this volume have been organized by function, into six sections. The book contains the authors’ view on Polish modernist architecture.


Print run 800
Pages 194+ 1 Spread/ Poland – SOC MOD Map
Polish, English
Size 26×28.5 cm
Weight 1.25 kg


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